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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Bassist Donnie Selby!

We finally finished our starting line up, time to get busy. We went through very few Bass Auditions surprisingly. Last Thursday, August 6th, our Guitarist and Band Leader, Brandon got in touch with a guy on craigslist and he was basically ready to come see what we had going on that night.

He arived shortly after we all got to Brandons house and we kind of "Shot The Shit" if you will, for a little while. We found out that moment that he (Donnie) had just moved here to Texas a week before from Grand Rapids, Michigan. This imidiately sent good signals to us as it would be a totally fresh start for both of us and carry with it a sense of urgency.

Donnie went on to explain that he had been in 2 pretty successfull projects in Michigan, he was also around our age requirement and had the experience for a player such as ourselves. It seemed that also business wise, this guy was on the same page in the same book as us. After we talked for a bit exchanging influences, experiences and what not, we played through the set for him. He seemed to take to it and decided to go get his rig and bass and join in to see what would mesh.

We got him set up and ran through the set one more time, bells and whistles started to ring and yawn as he would have most of the riffs figured out before the 1st time through was over. We knew then we had someone that also shared the "Ear" for music and could likely improvise very well, which also says that they are creative in the writing proccess.

We finished the set and then went outside to sit and chat some more as Donnie set out to depart from the audition. We both had another audition or 2 to decide what was right for him and us, so we agreed on a phone call for a 2nd audition would be in order. Come the following Tuesday, we received a message on our MySpace, that he would be there that night. We replied with a "Hell Yeah, Come On Down"!

It was a pretty good moment as he walked through the door that night, as I think all four of us knew that we had all found that right situation that showed a lot of promise and future. The rest will soon be history as we unfold time upon itself and create a new magic that will hopefully never be forgotten.


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