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Sunday, November 15, 2009

GRANNYGEAR 2009 Lineup comes to a close!

GRANNYGEAR 2009 Line up is Officially over and auditions have now begun for Guitar, Bass & Vocals for the 2010 GRANNYGEAR American All-Star Line up.

Send us a message @ if you are interested in auditioning.

There will be a panel of judges to help decide who will make the cut, so bring your A-Game, bring something self-written and original and a favorite cover as well to show your ability to learn written/recorded music.

There is a lot in store for next years All-Star Line Up, let all your musician friends know. They can already be in a band and this will be a part time experience and will be scheduled around any bands they are currently in once decided.

This line up will change each year and will eventually be a must see show with only a few dates throughout the last half of each year. The first half will be set aside for Writing, Recording, Filming, Marketing, Rehearsals & Promotions.

More Details Coming Soon!