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Friday, October 16, 2009

Digital Stores & Future shows!

Friday, October 16, 2009
Digital Stores & Future shows!
GRANNYGEARs (EP) “Down The Road And Back Again” will be released in all major online outlets worldwide in 6-8 weeks. This also means streaming on sites like "Pandora" will be possible as well as purchases made directly from our MySpace music player. If you would like to stream GRANNYGEARs new (EP) from your PC, XBOX 360 or enabled device head over to: ( The purchase links will be dead until the projected digital release date, which is December 1st!

October 31st we are playing in a huge field, (location to be disclosed this week) for the “White Trash Halloween Bash”, which around 500-1000 people are to be expected. This will also be our physical (EP) release, so we plan on some hush, hush things, but you have to be there to find out.

GRANNYGEAR has a private birthday party in Allen, Texas tomorrow night for about 100 guests, which should be a great time with good food. The show Sunday night with national act “Adakain” ( “His Name Was Yesterday” ( will be a good one, but will likely be the last time GRANNYGEAR plays Skillman Street Bar this year. By the way, “STEMM” ( has jumped off of the “Ride or Die” tour, due to their transportation blowing an engine and the promoter left them to their own demise. This is very unfortunate, as GRANNYGEAR was looking forward to playing with them. If you watch UFC on television, they are the band behind the theme song. Maybe we can set something up with them in the near future.

This coming Monday, October 19th, direct your browsers to: (
Tupelo Jo has a huge store in Florida and she likes us so much she is showcasing GRANNYGEARs tunes all day on her website from every page. She has thousands of pages and thousands of great customers. Maybe you will find something amazing there to gift wrap for Christmas!

November 14th brings GRANNYGEAR to the Curtain Club which should be a great time for everyone as we will be recording this show to later broadcast online for those who do not live near downtown Dallas.

GRANNYGEAR is in talks with “Sister 7”(, about opening a reunion show @ Trees in Dallas for them! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for that show to be posted, it will be the best show you see in Dallas for sometime.

That is it for this weeks update, we will try to get some new things brewing for you next week.

“Dropin' It In Low Never Felt So Good!”